Speaker backboxes

Our speaker backboxes are a painkiller. Whenever you plan to put a speaker into the ceiling or wall you need to make sure that the audio quality does not suffer, that your speaker is protected and sound does not travel to areas where it does not belong.

Our backboxes are especially made for loudspeakers to do just that.

Why backboxes from b-sound?


Main features of our backboxes

  • support the high-end sound quality of the speaker unlike
  • any other backbox
  • a backbox protects your speakers from dust and moisture
  • b-sound uses high-end and robust materials with better characteristics than other plastic or wood boxes
  • have perfect sizes and cut-outs for each of yourour products
  • loudspeaker model
  • b-sound loudspeaker backboxes come with easy installation instructions in both print and video
  • our backboxes work with every loudspeaker on the market

Exceptional Quality

Being planned and built with meticulous attention to detail, our products undergo stringent quality checks throughout the whole production process. Our pursuit for the highest possible quality starts with using selected materials that are able to deliver an unparalleled audio reproduction which other products and installation boxes using conventional materials simply cannot match.

5 Year Guarantee

With the purchase of b-sound products, you are making a commitment to quality and sustainability. b-sound off ers a fi ve-year warranty on all manufacturing defects.

Custom Product Requirements

We pride ourselve in our modular architecture and wide range of product options that will suffice for your professional needs. However we are thrilled to offer custom development and production of high-end installation boxes just for your brand. Our team will guide you through the planning and production process and deliver a turnkey ready product. We’re happy to hear from you.

100% Swiss Made

We develop and manufacture all of our products in Switzerland. We are committed to the location and an awareness of sustainable quality.

Trusted by the best

Our backboxes are used and trusted by the biggest and most exclusive loudspeaker brands in the world. They already trust our products to deliver the best possible audio quality while maintaining ease of use and affordability. Join thousands of users around the world and trust your CI and architectural loudspeakers to perform with b-sound backboxes.

"Traditional loudspeakers only perform with a standard cabinet. It's often overlooked that installation speakers need a backbox in order to unleash their full potential while at the same time protecting the speaker. We're proud to have mastered speaker backboxes and are ready to offer solutions for every installation type and speaker model."

Alex Bruggisser, CEO B-Sound GmbH (LinkedIn)


Not sure what backbox is right for your project?

Simply try our backbox finder - we match any speaker brand and model to the perfect B-Sound backbox.


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